• Coil Heaters, Mini, Hot Runner & Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters

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  • Pressed in Brass Coil Heater with Built in Thermocouple & F/G Leads

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  • Maxi Coil Heaters for Zinc and Magnesium Die Casting Applications

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  • Mini / Micro Coil Heater for Smaller Diameter Nozzles & Nozzle Tips

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  • Open Coil Heating Elements for Duct Heaters and Ovens

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  • Flat Coil Sprue Bushing Close Wound Coil Heater For Fast, Even Heat Distribution with Thermocouple

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  • Bendable/Formable Manifold Flexible Tubular Heaters for Quick On-Site Installation

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Custom Coil Heaters, Metric & Square, Mini Coil Heaters, "Nextflex" Formable Manifold Flexible Tubular Heaters, Open Coil Heating Elements

National Plastic Heater, designs, engineers, exports and distributes industrial and commercial grade coil heaters including custom square coil heaters, pressed in brass coil heaters, formable flexible tubular heaters for manifolds in hot runner molding systems andcoiled heaters for open air applications including spiral heaters for most industrial applications. National Plastic Heater, Sensor and Control Inc., is a leading smart heat management solution provider that has helped thousands of clients across continents to solve vital heat application challenges for decades. Supported by its team of highly skilled engineers, NPH has successfully been able to create dramatic process capability improvements for its customers since 1995.

National Plastic Heaters' coil heaters deliver excellent quality and performance including cycle time, response rate, precision and durability. The NPH team, with a commitment to deliver the best heaters for clients’ applications, works with clients and prospects to create custom-built heaters based on the exact requirements. Collaborating with you, National Plastic Heater Sensor and Control Inc. designs the most cost effective and implementable process improvement solutions.

National Plastic Heater Coil Heaters are the number one choice among United States Hot Runner Injection Molding OEMs. NPH coil heaters are also the preferred choice of many leading scientific measurement, diagnostic and test OEMs around the world. Demand for our coil heaters has been increasing continuously among emerging markets such as form-fill and seal packaging, top seal packaging, rubber injection molding, liquid heating, electric heating process assemblies and medical equipment.

Successfully positioned in domestic trade, National Plastic Heater is engaged in the business of exportingindustrial and commercial grade coil heaters, flexible tubular heaters for manifolds, temperature sensors and control systems to OEM’s, R & D Specifiers, Plastics Industry Fabricators, Distributors, Universities and End Users.

NPH products are a critical component for major manufacturers operating in industries such as plastics, packaging, medical semiconductor processing, foodservice, power generation,petroleum, water purification, military technology, automotive and a variety of other industrial process control applications.

Coil Heater-Square Profile

Pressed in Brass Square Profile Coil Heater

Axial Clamp/Cam Lock Coil Heater

Bendable & Flexible Nextflex Tubular Heaters For Manifolds

Flange/Screw Operated Mini Coil Heater Clamping


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