Coil Heaters,Mini Coil Heaters,Flexible Tubular Heaters,In Brass Coil Heaters
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Custom Flat Coil Heaters, Low Profile Coil Heaters, Flexible Tubular Heaters and Axial Clamp Coil Heaters Technology for Plastics Injection Molding, Hot Runner Molding Equipment and many other Commercial and Industrial Applications


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Coil Heaters, Mini Coil Heaters, Flexible Tubular Heaters-Products
Flat Coil Heaters-Custom
 Low Profile Coil Heaters
Square/Flat Coil Heaters  Low Profile Coil Heaters 
Square/Flat Coil Heaters                              Hot Runner Coil Heaters                    Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters

 Mini Coil Heaters Flange Closure                      Coil Heaters Test                    Axial Clamp Coil Heaters, Cam Lock Coil Heater
      Mini CoilHeaters/Flange Closure                Red Hot Coil Heaters-Test                 Axial Clamp/Cam Lock Coil Heaters

  Custom Mini Coil heaters  Die Cast Coil HeatersMicro/Mini Coil Heaters
Hot Lock Mini Coil Heaters     Maxi Coil Heaters-Zinc & Magnesium Die Casting              Mini/Micro  Coil Heaters   


flat/square-coil-heatersClose wound mini_coil_heaters   low_profile_coil_heaters
Square Coil Heaters-Distributed Wattage       Close Wound Coil Heaters-With T/C          Flat/Rectangualr Coil Heater

  Coil Heater-Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters          coil_heater_used_as_knife_heaters          NPH-Main-Group Coil Heaters Custom
Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters-Manifold      Coil Heater Used as Cutting Knife Heater       Coil Heaters/cable Heaters-Group

Open Air Coil Heaters             Open Coil Heating Element     Open Coil Duct Heaters
Open Coil Heating Elements                          Open Air Coil Heaters            Open Coil Air Duct Electric Heaters

      Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Formable Tubular Heaters,Nextflex Manifold Heaters               Flexible Tubular Heaters-Lead Options      Flexible/Formable Tubular Heaters with Leads
Flexible Tubular Heaters-Post                Formable/Flexible Tubular Heaters-Group         NextFlex Flexible Tubular Heaters
        Terminals Each End                            Lead Termination Options                                                                                        

Mini Coil Heaters-CSA                                                                                      Open Coil Heating Elements-UL

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Pressed In Brass Coil Heaters, Cast In Brass Coil Heaters
  Mini Coil Heaters, Micro Coil Heaters
 Coil Heaters-Lead Exit Configurations, Mini/Micro Coil Heaters Lock-Up
 Hot Lock Mini Coil Heaters
 Axial Clamp/Cam Lock Coil Heaters & Flange/Screw Operated Clamping
 Round Profile Coil Heaters 
Maxi Coil Heaters
Formable Manifold Flexible Tubular Heaters-Nextflex
Nextflex Flexible/Formable Manifold Tubular Heaters-Types & Shapes
Hermetically Sealed Formable/Flexible Tubular Heaters
Nextflex Tubular Heaters-Tools & Installation Guidelines
Open Coil Heating Elements for Duct Heaters, Ovens & Industry


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