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            Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended-1               Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended-Bending & Hammer Tool               Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended-2               Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended, Staking Tool
                                                Nextflex Tools Recommended for Ease of Installation:

                Nextflex Bending and Hammer Tool:

                    Designed for Nextflex
                    Helpful bending aid
                    No damage of Nextflex

     Nextflex Staking Tool

          Designed for Nextflex
          Helpful assembly aid
          Optimized compressing

 Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended-3-CSA                                                                                       Flexible Tubular Heaters, Nextflex Tools Required/Recommended-4-UL


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  "Nextflex"  Tools & Installation Guidelines Formable/Flexible Tubular Heaters:

             Flexible/Fromable Tubular Heater Installation Guidelines-1                 Flexible/Fromable Tubular Heater Installation Guidelines-2                 Flexible/Fromable Tubular Heater Installation Guidelines-3                 Flexible/Fromable Tubular Heater Installation Guideline-4
                                            Flexible/Fromable Tubular Heater Installation Guidelines:

    Form the first bend at center location prior to striking.

    Make sure tubular heater is directly above the groove, strike with Teflon® side of Nextflex forming tool. One
       hard strike is better than two soft ones.

    When bending, make sure the Nextflex tool handle is parallel with the uninstalled Nextflex heater. This puts
       the minimum bending radius protection in the correct position.

    Strike the Nextflex staking tool hard every 20mm (~.75"). This creates a firmly seated tubular heater with
       excellent heat transfer.

                                Best Practices when Installing Nextflex Formable/Flexible Tubular Heaters:

    The first 10mm (~.40") after the connection area should always be straight.

    For optimal heat transfer, it is best to stake the Nextflex tubular heater after assembly approximately every 20mm
      (~.75") into the groove.

    For bending the Nextflex we recommend our Nextflex toolset. This will allow the Nextflex tubular heater to be seated
       optimally into the groove, resulting in maximum heat transfer.


                                Nextflex Installation-Flexible/Formable Tubular Heaters:

Nextflex, tubular heaters, the next generation flexible formable heater, can be easily installed for quick return
to production.
Stocked in popular diameters with lengths in 50 mm increments, Nextflex tubular heaters is an
immediate high performance tubular heater solution.

                                               Nextflex Tubular Heaters are:

                                                       Easy to install
                                                       Shipped in straight lengths
                                                       User formable

Installation time of Nextflex flexible tubular heaters is reduced when using the Nextflex heater toolset. The video below
demonstrates a typical Nextflex installation.






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